Tutorial Implementing Communication Protocols in C++ in PDF

At first glance the implementation of communication protocols seems to be quite an easy and straightforward process. Every message has predefined fields, that need to be serialised and deserialised according to the protocol specification. Every serialised message is wrapped in a transport data to ensure a safe delivery to the other end over some I/O link. However, there are multiple pitfalls and wrong design choices that can lead to a cumbersome, bloated, and difficult to maintain source code. It becomes especially noticable when the development of the product progresses, and initially developed small communication protocol grows to contain many more messages than initially planned. Adding a new message in such state can become a tedious, time consuming and error-prone process.

This book suggests flexible, generic and easily extendable design architecture, which allows creation of a generic C++(11) library. This library may be used later on to implement many binary communication protocols using simple declarative statements of class and type definitions.

Description : Download Practical Guide to Implementing Communication Protocols in C++ Language (for Embedded Systems), ebook made by Alex Robenko.
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