Practical Guide to Bare Metal C++ - tutorial

Once in a while I encounter a question whether C++ is suitable for embedded development and bare metal development in particular. There are multiple articles of how C++ is superior to C, that everything you can do in C you can do in C++ with a lot of extras, and that it should be used even with bare metal development. However, I haven't found many practical guides or tutorials of how to use C++ superiority and boost development process compared to conventional approach of using “C” programming language. With this book I hope to explain and show examples of how to implement soft real time systems without prioritising interrupts and without any need for complex real time task scheduling. Hopefully it will help someone to get started with using C++ in embedded bare metal development.

Description : This document introduces several concepts that can be used in bare-metal development as well as shows how they can be implemented using features of latest C++11 standard.
Level : Advanced
Created : 2017-08-04 17:22:55
Size : 2.76 MB
File type : pdf
Pages : 199
Author : Alex Robenko
Licence : Creative commons
Downloads : 101

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