Excel for advanced users - tutorial

Course Information
  • Chapter1–Excel Advanced Concepts
  • Chapter2–Excel & the Internet
  • Chapter3–Functions
  • Chapter4–The=IF Functions
  • Chapter5–Using Functions to Clean & Crunchdata
  • Chapter6–Data Commands
  • Chapter7–Macros
  • Chapter8–Solver
  • Chapter9–Example Case Studies
    • 1.  Gantt Chart 
    • 2.  Combo Chart 
    • 3.  Organizational Chart 
    • 4.  Portfolio–Investment Mixand Performance Tracking 
  • Chapter10–Digging Deeper into Excel’s Fundamentals
  • Chapter11–XML
  • Chapter12–Using Excel with Your Accounting System
  • Appendix Instructor’s Biography
  • Course Evaluation Form
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