Tutorial Oracle 10g R2 and 11g R2 Installation Guide in PDF

These instructions are used by students enrolled in the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems and other Computer Science Department programs in both oncampus and online programs. In some places these instructions say that you should contact your instructor. Online students should normally contact their facilitator first.

The document begins with a discussion of Oracle, connecting to the Oracle web site, creating an Oracle Technology Network account, downloading either an Oracle 10g Release 2 or Oracle 11g Release 2 zip file, unzipping it and installing Oracle. We continually update this document; please let us know of problems you encounter or questions not answered.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Installing Oracle
    • Step 1: Creating an OTN Account
    • Step 2: Downloading Oracle
    • Step 3: Unzipping Oracle 
    • Step 4: Installing and Configuring Oracle
  • Troublshooting Common Installation and Usage Issues
  • Appendix A: Configuring Oracle Startup Options 
  • Appendix B: Installing and Enabling the Microsoft Loopback Adapter
  • Appendix C: Installing Oracle 10g Express Edition 
    • Introduction
    • Requirements
    • Installation (Windows) 
    • Installation (Linux) 
    • Starting the Database (Windows and Linux)
  • Appendix D: How to reset your SYSTEM password on Windows
  • Appendix E: How to reduce the length of your PATH on Window
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