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Here you will get the material for computer IT and design and analysis related courses and tutorials . The materials for which you will get the PDF, DOC, PPT, RAR and ZIP files are UML, Merise, programming analysis, architecture design, database design and many others. As these tutorials are included in many of the academic schedules, you will need to get detailed information on them. As it will not possible for you to browse the web for every small topic, you can go for downloading the PDF files for having easy access to the information. Also tutorials, corrected exercises and practical work will make it easy for you to have a clear understanding of every topic.

What’s amazing about those materials is that it has been created by collecting the data from different sources and is created in such a way that everyone will understand it easily. No matter you are a beginner or want advanced information on any of these design and analysis topics, you can visit this design and analysis topic for complete knowledge. Moreover, all the material is free to download from this website.

UML Sequence Diagrams Beginner

Description :Download free UML Sequence Diagrams for Software Engineering, course tutorial, a PDF file by Emina Torlak .
Created :2016-02-25 11:23:09
Size :131.76 KB

Reverse Engineering for Beginners Beginner

Description :This book is about The reverse engineering of software: researching compiled programs, a PDF fileby Dennis Yurichev.
Created :2016-02-25 11:10:20
Size :1.23 MB

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (C++) Intermediate

Description :Download This book describes many techniques for representing data, Structures and Algorithm Analysis (C++ version). a PDF course tutorial training by Clifford A. Shaffer
Created :2014-12-15 17:48:23
Size :3.07 MB

Designing your database Beginner

Description :This document provides a framework for planning and designing a simple database. a PDF file.
Created :2014-08-13 22:48:02
Size :157.68 KB

Argo UML Tool Tutorial Beginner

Description :download free course Argo UML Tool Tutorial, and training, PDF file by Peter King on 9 pages.
Created :2014-03-29 01:58:55
Size :159.95 KB

Topcased 2.5 UML Editor tutorial Beginner

Description :Download free course TOPCASED 2.5 UML Editor tutorial, training, PDF file by Raphaël Faudou on 53 pages.
Created :2014-03-29 01:54:00
Size :3.18 MB

Unified Modeling Language 2.0 Beginner

Description :Download free Unified Modeling Language 2.0 course material, tutorial training, PDF file by Harald Störrle, Alexander Knapp.
Created :2014-03-29 01:41:28
Size :7.36 MB

UML Tutorial Beginner

Description :Download free course Unified Modeling Language UML Tutorial and training, PDF file on 33 pages.
Created :2014-03-29 01:27:28
Size :327.95 KB

UML and its Meaning

Description :Download free UML and its Meaning course material and training written by P. H. Schmitt (PDF file 255 pages)
Created :2012-12-13 10:53:58
Size :1.43 MB

Design and UML Class Diagrams

Description :Download free Design and UML Class Diagrams course material and training (PDF file 31 pages)
Created :2012-12-13 10:36:48
Size :469.69 KB

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