Introduction to Digital Computers free PDF

  • 1 The digital abstraction 
    • Transistors, From analog signals to digital signals 
    • Transfer functions of gates, The bounded-noise model 
    • The digital abstraction in presence of noise
    • Stable signals 
  • 2 Foundations of combinational circuits 
    • Boolean functions 
    • Gates as implementations of Boolean functions 
    • Building blocks , Combinational circuits
    • Cost and propagation delay , Syntax and semantics 
  • 3 Trees 
    • Trees of associative Boolean gates
    • Optimality of trees 
  • 4 Decoders and Encoders
    • Notation, Values represented by binary strings 
    • Decoders
  • 5 Combinational modules 
    • Multiplexers, Cyclic Shifters, Priority Encoders 
    • Half-Decoders, Logical Shifters 
  • 6 Addition 
    • Denition of a binary adder, Ripple Carry Adder 
    • Carry bits, Conditional Sum Adder, Compound Adder 
  • 7 Fast Addition 
    • Reduction: sum-bits 7
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Tutorial Introduction to Digital Computers course Introduction to Digital Computers
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